It takes a lot to stand in front of people and speak, it takes even more to dance. But, that is exactly what these competitors have chosen to do. Learning to chase, dip, and twirl their way across the dance floor the contestants of Brookfield’s Dancing Stars are not in it for the prestige, or for any personal gain, they are doing it to support those who are less fortunate. Each of these stars has chosen to help fund all of the free services and programs offered by the Women's Center of Greater Danbury.

    All donations made to the teams go directly to the charity. All cost related to the event and gala it’s self-have been provided by Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brookfield or one of our great patrons. Each dollar donated is a vote for your favorite dancer. If you would like to make an offline donation, please contact Matthew Ames “Event Coordinator” at 203-775-6588 to make arrangements.  


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Susanna Zhu
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     Susanna is an established corporate executive and is currently the Chief Procurement Officer at the Hershey Company. She has a Bachelor of Arts in International Finance from Shandong Institute of Economics in China, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of San Diego. She has worked for other Fortune 100 companies as a supply chain and procurement leader in Connecticut, New York until her move to Hershey in 2015.
     In between all her professional accolades she enjoys being a mother and wife as well as being a supporter of diversity, culture, and arts. Susanna taught Chinese to adult students and served on the Board of Directors at the Western Connecticut Huaxia Chinese School until 2015. She is an active sponsor for the Children's Miracle Network and is now serving on the Board of Directors of Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

Susanna has been paired with Matthew

     With over 27 years of dance experience and expert training in both classical and more modern styles of dance, Matthew was ranked by the largest international dance franchise as one of their top teachers for 3 consecutive years. He is also the recipient of the coveted Winners Circle Award given only to the top 3 instructors each year.

      He has performed with the major ballet companies in NYC and Pittsburgh, as well as appearing Off-Broadway, and has received several awards in international acting and modeling competitions. During his career, he has competed in all 9 American Style dances, theater arts, and show dance. Matthew received the 2nd place in the 2011 North American Same Sex Dance Championships in both American Show Dance and American Smooth Championships. In addition to being a ballroom dancer, Matthew is also a certified life coach and wellness advocate




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The Hershey Company Matching Gift Date Received: 09/1/2017
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"Good luck and have fun with event. "
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"Disco Inferno!!!"
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"A wise man once said, never discuss philosophy or politics in a disco environment. Frank Zappa"
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"Good luck and break a leg (or is that a theatre thing?)."
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"Love to support charities and wonderful people like you that do the same!! :-)"
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